Larry Elliott has more than 45 years experience in Audio and Acoustic Engineering projects.


Concert recordings

Vivante aims to capture your concert recordings exactly the way that you present them. 

Recording equipment

The equipment that Larry uses has proven to be exactly the kind needed to capture a performance perfectly.

Recorded Artists 

Our wide range of artists recorded, from classical soloists, to choirs, from orchestras to popular music groups. 

 "Larry Elliott is one of these rare individuals who are totally committed to their craft and love what they do. He respects everybody involved regardless of background and is ideal to work with. Larry gets a fabulous sound from a single flute to a large orchestra and choir even in trying circumstances. I have a deep respect for his work and highly recommend him."

Professor UWE GRODD


"Larry's superior expertise and experience has been incredible for us as a group.  He captures the best of our unusual instruments, balancing the intimacy of the lute and harpsichord with the sonority of the viol da gamba and cornetto and the text of the voice.  His recordings are invaluable to us, and we are so grateful for his help."  

Early Music Group AFFETTO (


"Larry Elliott has a wealth of experience, and he has some of the best recording technology made today at his disposal. He makes fine live-sounding recordings with a minimum of fuss."

WAYNE LAIRD - Atoll Records (


"Larry Elliott has recorded for me a number of times, both in concert and in a controlled recording session situation. He is a professional and highly skilled recording engineer with a good understanding of the needs of musicians. I am always very happy to engage Larry and to use his skills in recording my own music."      

DAVID HAMILTON Composer, choral conductor, music educator


Musica Sacra is delighted to work with Larry Elliott and Vivante Recording company for the recording of many of our live performances. From the point of view of the recording engineer, we often perform in "difficult" rooms, which can be reverberant (great for singing but not so great for recording!), have issues with traffic noise, have organs some distance away from the singers, or any number of other challenges. Larry knows just where to place the microphones for the best possible effect. His recordings are always crystal clear and the entire process is accomplished with zero fuss.  He has top-of-the-line equipment and he always sends the finished product through to us very promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Larry to anyone who needs a top-quality recording.”

Dr INDRA HUGHES - Musica Sacra







Dame Malvina Major 

Sir Donald MacIntyre 

Peter Cooper  

Mark Pedrotti 

Lynn Cantlon 

Patricia Wright 

Kate Spence 

Helen Medlyn 

Jayne Tankersley 

David Hamilton 

John Wells

Uwe Grodd

Indra Hughes

Ken Cornish

David Griffiths

Robert Wiremu

James Tibbles

Martin Snell

John Chen

Derek Hill 

Lilia Carpenelli 

Tamas Vesmas 

Ursula Langmyr

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

University of Auckland Orchestra

Manukau Symphony Orchestra,

Auckland Youth Orchestra

Pipers Sinfoni


Age of Discovery


RNZAF Auckland Band, Extempore

National Band of New Zealan

NZ Trio

NZ Barok


Auckland Choral

New Zealand Youth Choir

Musica Sacra

Viva Voce

North Shore Chorale

NZ Secondary Student Choir

North Shore Children’s Choir

Key Cygnetures

Graduate Choir


Howard Morrison Quartet

The Rumour

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band

Human Instinct

The Peddlers




Sir Howard Morrison

Suzanne Lynch

Johnny Devlin

Billy T. James

Ray Woolf

Rob Guest

Larry Morris

Shane (Hales)

Craig Scott

Angela Ayres

Ricky May

Ray Columbus

Bridgette Allen

Jon Hanlon

Maria Dallas

Gray Bartlett

Prince Tui Teka

Linn Lorkin

Evan Silva

Cindy Ruakere

 Mark Mazengarb

Bernie Allen

Bruce Lynch

Tony Baker

Julian Lee

Wayne Senior

Terrance O’Neil Joyce

Barry Clewett

Carl Doy

Gary Daverne

Michael Harvey

Peter Watts

Martin Neil

Bonnie Low

Bruce McGrail

David Hamilton

Wayne Laird